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Nanotec Apps GBM

Generic Bluetooth Module (GBM)


The GBM consists of a Bluetooth SMD module and a Microchip PIC microcontroller. It can operate as a bluetooth slave device and is compatible with Android.

Sample project files are provided which show how to communicate between the Android device and the GBM. Controlling LEDs connected to the PIC, displaying the state of buttons connected to the PIC and controlling two Servos connected to the PIC from the Android device


  • Class 2 (10m range) Bluetooth Master and Slave with integrated antenna
  • PIC 18LFxxxx 28 pin microcontroller
  • Headers for peripherals and expansion
  • Android compatible (v2.1 and above)
  • Project and source code files
  • Eagle files


PIC files, Android files and Eagle files

PIC files

Contains C source code.

PIC source file (.c)

Android files

Contains the Android App Java source code files and Eclipse project files.

Android App (.zip)

Eagle files

Contains the Eagle project file, GBM Schematic and board layout files.

Eagle files (.zip)

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